Any bike purchased for over £250 will have a free Bronze service every year for however long you own the bike.

An appointment system is in operation; we will always provide an initial estimate of cost for work outside our standard service options - and advise and obtain consent for any additional parts or costs before carrying out the work.

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Bronze £35.00 + parts

The basics -  a once-over for low/infrequent usage bikes, just getting back on the road

  Brakes checked and adjusted 

  Gears  checked and adjusted

  General check of bike for wear or issues

  Tyres checked and inflated to the correct pressure 

  Frame and forks wiped down 

  Lubrication as required


Silver £60.00 + parts

The most popular - comprehensive checks for bikes in regular use.

  Frame and forks cleaned

  Wheels trued and hubs adjusted if required

  Tyres checked and inflated to the correct pressure (replaced if required)

  Brakes checked and adjusted (new pads fitted if needed)

  Gears degreased, correctly indexed and adjusted (replaced if needed)

  Cables oiled (replaced if required)

•  Bottom bracket adjusted (replaced if required)

•  Headset Adjusted

  Lubrication as required


Gold £110.00 + parts

The ultimate - essential at least once a year for high mileage bikes 

  Full bike clean

  The full drive system is stripped including pedals, chain set, bottom bracket, chain, cassette and both derailleurs

  Headset stripped out, cleaned and re-greased, re-assembled

  Seat post removed, cleaned re-greased and re-fitted

  Bike stripped down to the frame, cleaned and inspected for damage or wear

  Wheels trued, hubs serviced and re-greased (bearings replaced if necessary)

  Tyres checked and inflated to the correct pressure (Replaced if required)

  Brakes checked and adjusted (new blocks/pads fitted if required)

  Gear cables stripped and outer cables trimmed and lubricated, gears adjusted   and indexed

  Lubrication as required

 April 2018, subject to change


Customers safety is our utmost concern and we may refuse to work on bikes considered in a dangerous state which will be at the discretion of our experienced and qualified mechanics. We apologies for any inconvenience but if we wouldn't ride a bike, we're not happy saying you should.